New YDI educators

Becoming a Young Driver Intervention educator is a great way to help young drivers and increase road safety for all of us. Thank you for making this commitment and for exploring how you can do this most effectually. To fully equip you with the Get into Gear approach to road safety we’ve created a learning journey exploring the history, the theory and the practice of young driver interventions to help you become an expert in the field.

Why YDI Initiatives
are important

Find out how YDI sessions can improve safety for everyone.

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best practice

Become an expert in road safety education with a step by step approach.

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The benefits
of good training

Accredited training provides the bedrock for young driver education.

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Developing your
YDI sessions

Our interactive tool is designed to help your planning for YDI sessions.

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One in five young drivers is involved in a crash in the first six months of passing their test.

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Where it
can go wrong

Most young people will become responsible drivers so it's important to get the tone and balance of delivery right.

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