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There is a new training opportunity available to all those who provide road safety education for young drivers with the new Get into gear SQA RoSPA accredited module.

Resource Library

Take a look at our Resource library for research papers, reports on other road safety activity, vidoes, imagery, smaple presentations and questionnaires and additional information to help you create great Young Driver Interventions.


Getting the right training

Getting the right training can make a substantial difference in the effectiveness of YDI training sessions and ensures educators have a solid grounding in road safety training as well as techniques for creating effective learning outcomes.

SQA Get into Gear Module

Sharing Best Practice

Another way that we can create better out comes for young drivers and society as a whole is for YDI educators to communicate and share best practice. We’ve created this area to allow experienced YDI educators and new educators to share experiences, problems and tips. Talking to each other, offering advice and helping to solve issues for others will help to establish a core of “best practice” knowledge going forward.

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