Partnership collaboration

Partnership is all about collaboration, agreement, a united vision, a mutual respect and shared aims and objectives. This is achievable given the good will, belief and self worth that partners experience when providing a joint education opportunity for young drivers. But it is important to stress that it takes great commitment to the ideal of partnership to share ownership evenly between parties.


Occasionally partnership can result in taking advantage of people. In this model partners do not feel valued, their contributions are ignored, their expertise is passed over and they are allocated tasks that no one else wants to do. They have no sense of ownership. Paying lip-service to partnership is unsustainable as partners will drift away.

Some road safety education events have a vast buy-in from partners, sponsors, politicians and have a huge community impact which is broadcast through the media. Others are small scale, more manageable and less costly and involving fewer community partners. No one model is better than another. It is the quality of the learning experience that counts.

Possible partners to consider for your event include:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Emergency Services
  • Charities
  • Your local Council
  • Your MP & MSP
  • Press & media
  • Local businesses
  • Youth organisations

Key steps for high quality partnership experience, small, medium or large are:

  • Think about who your key partners would be for your event
  • Contact your preferred partners explaining details of your event, what your planning and how you'd like their support and involvement
  • Offer several levels of involvement if you can so that if they are unable to fully fulfil your request they can still support the event usefully
  • Ensure that any opportunites for publicising your event via your partners are utilised
  • Thank any partners for their involvement in advance, at the event and after the event