Step 2: Planning your sessions

The new Get into Gear SQA RoSPA accredited module ensures you have considered the range of possibilities available to you when planning your YDI session. To gain the qualification you will have prepared a submission which takes a step by step approach to planning a session.

When planning your Young Driver Intervention training session you should:

  • Identify why you want to plan a road safety session for young people and young drivers. Clearly lay out the specific aims and objectives. If you want to encourage young people to change their behaviour or to maintain a high level of interest in road safety, consider how you might measure the success of your session after the event.
  • Make it clear if it is a specific group of young people such as young offenders, or a broadly general group of young people with a wide range of backgrounds.
  • Ensure you have the support of the partners that have agreed to facilitate your session and make sure you maximise their contribution. Some of your partners may have time constraints.
  • Include the Head Teachers of schools that you plan to visit. They will direct you to the appropriate teacher in charge of Health and Wellbeing in senior school and supply you with information about the target group and the knowledge of road safety that they already have. The young people will be better prepared for your session if Your Call and Crash Magnets are used in the school.
  • Consider the content of your session. Is there a main theme that you want to explore? It might be distraction or speed. It is wise to avoid building content, which is inflexible. Putting in too much content can stifle learning and lead to ‘information congestion’.
  • Embrace the four capacities in Curriculum for Excellence. Make links across learning and ensure that you employ different learning styles to keep the session lively and relevant. Active learning is a way of involving young people in their own learning through group discussion, problem solving and critical thinking. Take risks, be adventurous. Don’t always play safe.
  • Be realistic about what you can achieve.